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Sony Expanding Footprint in Medical Field
Sony has recently launched many interesting and high quality products and technologies that can be brought to hospital and other healthcare institutes. Here are some of its cutting-edge technologies that worth introducing:

I. 4K LCD Monitor, High Picture Quality

Model name: LMD-X310MD and LMD-X550MD monitors

Let’s first talk about Sony’s 4K display monitor. Monitors with 4K resolution are suitable to use in surgical or medical environment due to its capability to display images over four times full HD, from a surgical endoscope, laparoscopic camera system, and other medical imaging systems. Offering sizes 31 and 55 inches with stylish design, Sony are putting efforts in maximising the resolution of images which could be used in medical teaching classes or in academic conference. Equipped with the image enhancing technology, clear and high-contrast images can be showed to audience during the congress and educational forums for medical knowledge sharing. The 4K LCD monitors are easy to use, to install and to clean, which suit the fast-paced modern medical environment.

II. Efficient Visual Content Management System (CMS)

Model name: CMDS-MS10MD (HD Content Management) and CMDS-MS20MD (4K/HD Content Management)*

Not limited to medical industry, this system is mainly for storing and managing content. It is a new software from Sony, launched only in October last year. Sony offers this ideal solution for healthcare to manage visual content efficiently. Catered to modern hospital IT environment, the CMS can store patient information and metadata easily from compatible Sony medical recorders, and hospital information systems such as research information systems (RIS) and electronic medical records (EMR).

There is no need to install software in your PC to view the videos. The doctors can capture still images, and do quick video-editing, and subsequently download the edits to their own PC, for teaching purposes or for information sharing with the patient. This files can also be distributed, as long as you log into hospital internal file, you can access the software system no matter where you are. It is user-friendly, and comes along with quick data searches and video edits.

With a username and password, doctors can access to the data, images and visual videos. Videos and image files from real-time operating theatres and surgical training environments are stored in case folders. Therefore, no matter if you are at home, overseas, or teaching auditorium, you are able to access all files in CMS. You can also have the LIVE view of the content at other places. Once you log in, you can get access to all different videos. Clinical view of this system shows the live-streaming videos taken during surgical operations, which is possible via IP cameras, and the video files can be directly received from live encoders for storage. Visualising what doctors actually did inside patient’s body from the recordings, definitely brings effective communication between doctors and patients over treatment. Tuning into Archive view, all video and visual files stored over time will appear in front of your eyes. Hence it simply left a simple task for the doctors themselves to find out the specific case folders they would like to refer to.

“Just think of it as a supercharged YouTube with multiple media formats including pictures, videos, documents, pdf, etc.” said Leonard Yap, Senior Manager of Sony’s Medical Solution Marketing Division, during the exhibition of Sony medical solutions at Hospital Design & Development Asia conference. “With password access, users are able to view live-stream and archived videos. Equipped with easy-to-use tools for quick editing, they can download edited videos for future research and education purposes effortlessly.”

How about patient privacy? It will not be a concern as all data is stored efficiently, and securely. They can only be accessed by authorised persons such as doctors to protect patient privacy compliant to HIPAA.

This software is as simple as you think it is and sometimes all we need is just simplicity, let alone in complex medical environment. Users do not need to install any application to download this software on their computer desktop to access the content. It is a server application that runs on Windows Server 2012 while the client application runs on commonly used web browsers such as IE10, Google Chrome, Firefox (Windows) and Safari (Mac).

To sum things up, this server application streamlines the process of storage and archival of medical videos, still images and other relevant document files. With the effective management and distribution of visual content, it helps to enable advances in medical education and better treatment outcomes.

III. Vision Presenter, Changing the Game in Presentation

Model name: Vision Presenter

This is an innovative presentation solution. If you would like to create completely new and productive presentations, you can consider to put Sony’s Vision Presenter in your shopping cart. Supporting versatile sources ranging from live video input, IP streaming cameras, PC files and websites, Vision Presenter offers a high resolution widescreen display. Information from multiple sources can be displayed in a single simultaneous view with Full HD to 8K x 2K resolution. It enables you to work with multiple PC files (movie files, still images, document files) and websites in addition to live feeds, with user-friendly gestures. Having Vision Presenter, presenter can focus on sharing his enthusiasm, thoughts and information without worries, in turn enhancing the impact of his presentation. Furthermore, the capability of mirroring the content from presenter’s PC or laptop, helps to smooth the entire presentation flow during a conference, when you have multiple presenters queuing at one shot.

Choosing your ideal layout from the 14 choices to maximising more effective and productive presentations or discussions. Multiple medical images and data can be displayed thanks to the Vision Presenter’s Multiview flexible layout. Images from different equipment in an operating room can be shown alongside patient information, all in high quality and in a single simultaneous view.

Understanding fast, user-friendly control is vital for presentations, Sony’s Vision Presenter offers intuitive display control using smart devices or PC/MAC, maximising its usage in many applications either in conference rooms or visual entertainment in public places.

Sony’s Vision Presenter will definitely help in dazzling your audience with optimised visual content in a large auditorium, or enabling an effective medical training with various content and multiple data at a glance.

With plenty advanced digital technologies in hospitals, Sony aims to create more possibilities to improving patient care and experience in a hospital environment.

For more information, please visit https://pro.sony-asia.com.

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