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Philips opens Southeast Asia’s first Sleep and Respiratory Education Center
First-of-its-kind innovation facility to provide free training for the region’s healthcare professionals

Royal Philips has opened Southeast Asia’s first Sleep and Respiratory Education Center at its regional headquarters, the Philips APAC Center, in Singapore, to train healthcare professionals across the region to better diagnose and treat sleep disorders.

It is estimated that more than 100 million people worldwide suffer from sleep apnea, 80 per cent of whom remain undiagnosed, and that globally, 30 per cent of people experience difficulty in initiating and maintaining sleep. Sleeping well is essential to good health, and yet only one-third of people who suffer from sleep disorders seek professional help. In a recent study, 1 in 3 Singaporeans suffers from moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

“OSA is caused by the repeated collapse of a sufferer’s airway, leading to low oxygen levels and disrupted sleep,” said Dr. Mok Yingjuan, Director, Public Education and Epidemiology, SingHealth Duke- NUS Sleep Center and Consultant, Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, Changi General Hospital.

The 102 square-meter facility is designed to accurately simulate a patient’s sleep diagnosis journey - from a life-sized mock-up of a patient’s bedroom for sleep observation to a monitoring room where sleep technicians score and analyze sleep data, and a doctor’s consultation room. The innovative facility also uses virtual reality in an Interaction Room to simulate abnormal sleep patterns that may occur in a patient during a sleep study, such as limb movements, rapid eye movements and respiratory difficulties.

As part of the center’s opening, Philips also announced the launch of a series of complimentary peer-to-peer training programs, to be conducted by prominent international sleep and respiratory physicians including Dr. TeoFilo LeeChiong, Chief Medical Liaison at Philips, and Dr. David White, Chief Medical Officer at Philips. Qualified sleep specialists from high-profile hospital and healthcare group partners including SingHealth will also be conducting training.

Beyond diagnostic knowledge, Philips’ Sleep and Respiratory Education Center is also designed to upskill physicians in the latest sleep and respiratory therapy technologies including its connected Dream Family CPAP solution, home ventilation solutions, oxygen therapy and respiratory drug delivery solutions. Physicians will also be trained on using Philips’ innovative digital engagement tools to keep patients motivated to use therapy as prescribed.

“Our center aims to provide best-in-class education and training from the world’s leading sleep specialists for healthcare professionals across the region to address the current gap in sleep-qualified professionals in Southeast Asia,” added Ivy Lai, Country Manager, Philips Singapore.

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