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LncBook: a curated knowledgebase of human long non-coding RNA
Features a comprehensive collection of human lncRNAs and associated data

Long non-coding RNAs (LncRNA) have a variety of functions in many important biological processes and are closely associated with various diseases. Although the number has dramatically increased, the known human lncRNAs are poorly annotated, posing great challenges for understanding their functional significance and elucidating their complex functioning molecular mechanisms.

Recently, BIG Data Center, Beijing Institute of Genomics of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) collaborating with Prof. Vladimir Bajic of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), released a curated knowledgebase of human lncRNAs-LncBook. This work was published online in Nucleic Acids Research on 17 October 2018.

LncBook features a comprehensive collection of human lncRNAs and systematic curation of lncRNAs by multi-omics data integration, functional annotation and disease association.

The current implementation of LncBook houses a large number of 270,044 lncRNAs and includes 1,867 featured lncRNAs with 3,762 lncRNA-function associations. It also integrates an abundance of multi-omics data from expression, methylation, genome variation and lncRNA-miRNA interaction.

In addition, LncBook includes 3,772 experimentally validated lncRNA-disease associations and identifies a total of 97,998 lncRNAs that are putatively disease-associated. Equally important, LncBook organises all relevant data in a structured manner, facilitating data browse/search with more enhanced efficiency, and provides several useful tools for online analysis.

LncBook is dedicated to the integration and curation of human lncRNAs as well as their associated data and thus bears great promise to serve as a valuable knowledgebase for worldwide research communities.

Source: Chinese Academy of Sciences

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