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Singapore’s first private co-working laboratory and office space
NSG BioLabs opens 15,000 square foot biotech start-up incubation space in November 2019.

Strategically located within the heart of Singapore’s international research and development centre for biomedical science, Biopolis, NSG BioLabs opens its doors in Singapore as a co-working laboratory and office space aim at incubating and supporting and providing a conducive R&D environment for biotech start-ups. With the support of Enterprise Singapore, they will offer biotech companies a flexible and fully equipped environment to scale their operations and innovations.

“This new co-working laboratory and office space meets the needs of our growing pool of start-ups, providing quick access to research infrastructure and equipment to smoothen their R&D process. We will also support NSG in helping start-ups accelerate commercialization and shorten time for their innovative products to go to market globally.” Said Ted Tan, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Enterprise Singapore.

NSG BioLabs was established by its Singaporean team with the support of Nest.Bio, a US-headquartered group managing early-stage venture capital funds and companies operating over 40,000 square feet of shared laboratory and office spaces in the Cambridge, US and Hangzhou, China.

“We provide a full-suite of facilities with millions of dollars’ worth of equipment, including standard biology lab facilities, DNA and tissue culture rooms, and even high cost and in-demand equipment like next generation sequencers and flow cytometers. We enable a biotech company to quickly start experiments with minimal capital expenditure,” says Daphne Teo, CEO and Founder of NSG BioLabs.

The laboratory will run at a biosafety level 2 (BSL-2) and is fully equipped with a variety of equipment ready for use when the companies move in. NSG has also collaborated with equipment vendors to provide start-ups access to equipment such as next generation sequencers, liquid handlers, and flow cytometers.

In collaboration with the Agency for Science, Technology and research in Singapore (A*STAR) companies renting the space will also have access to purchase consumables from the research support centre.

NSG BioLabs also comes equipped with an experienced laboratory manager who will assist companies in maintenance and upkeep of the lab. The laboratory manager will also be able to provide training for the tenants.

Rentals will be private and designated office space at NSG BioLabs ensuring confidentiality of their work. Private laboratory spaces are also available for monthly rental, preventing cross contamination between R&D projects of different companies.

Ahead of its completion, biotech companies in Singapore have begun to move into the office space. One of which is Engine Biosciences, a venture-backed company integrating machine learning, combinatorial CRISPR screening, and drug discovery for developing precision medicines. ImmunoSCAPE is another biotech company specializing in high-dimensional immune profiling to enable the development of new therapeutics for autoimmune diseases and cancer. The most recent entrant is Acumen Research Laboratory, a biomedical company that specializes in the development and commercialization of molecular diagnostic tests for life-threatening infectious diseases.

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