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AcuraBio Expands cGMP Plasmid DNA CDMO Services With Cytiva’s Latest Single-Use Purification Technology to Alleviate Supply Constraints for mRNA and Cell & Gene Therapies

AcuraBio selects Cytiva’s latest two-step purification protocol to offer a productive plasmid DNA service to its customers globally to alleviate supply constraints for mRNA and cell & gene therapies.

Jon Ince (left), General Manager, Australia & New Zealand, Cytiva and Guillaume Herry (right), CEO of AcuraBio, at the contract signing ceremony. Photo Credit: AcuraBio & Cytiva

AcuraBio, a leading Australian biopharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), will provide a cGMP plasmid DNA CDMO service to the world using Cytiva’s new process platform technology.

AcuraBio expects to produce more plasmid DNA for its customers around the world using Cytiva’s latest bacterial plasmid two-step purification protocol. The new protocol features single-use purification technology which delivers efficiency, high purity level outcome and sustainable process.

Guillaume Herry, CEO of AcuraBio says: “We are very excited to implement Cytiva’s latest technology especially because the access and production of plasmid DNA has been a bottleneck in the advanced therapy market. We intend to bring biotechs and biopharma companies a more high-quality plasmid DNA quicker than before to help the development of new therapies such as viral vectors and mRNA.”

Jon Ince, General Manager, Commercial, Australia and New Zealand, Cytiva, says: “The adoption of Cytiva’s FlexFactory configurable manufacturing train, within AcuraBio’s assets will enable AcuraBio to advance and better serve their customers based with efficient and flexible cGMP manufacturing services that address the increasing demand for high quality therapeutics within the Australia and New Zealand region and beyond.”

According to Research and Markets, the plasmid DNA manufacturing market size is estimated to be $525.12 million in 2022 and is expected to witness a CAGR of 13.87% from 2023 to 2033. A growing public understanding of cell & gene therapy and the surging number of patients choosing gene therapy as their treatment of choice are factors contributing to the market growth.

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Source: AcuraBio & Cytiva