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Vol 25, No. 11, November 2021
Prevention Is Better Than Cure: New Therapeutic Intervention Can Potentially Prevent Zaki Syndrome in Children

Researchers have discovered that administering the drug CHIR99021 during pregnancy may correct an orphan paediatric condition in developing fetuses

From Gut to Gland: How Intestinal Microbiota Induces the Secretion of Maternal Antibodies in Breastmilk

Does the gut microbiota affect the quality of breastmilk? Latest research has found a link between the mammary glands and the small intestine that plays an important role in transferring antibodies when breastfeeding.

It’s Not All Negative: Gram-Positive Bacteria Can Contribute to Bone Loss in Gum Disease

For the first time, researchers have uncovered how Gram-positive bacteria can result in alveolar bone resorption, severe inflammation, and tooth loss, paving the way for the development of better medications to treat gum disease.

“Barcode” Cell Sensor: A New Way to Screen Superbugs Rapidly at Low Cost

The cell sensor could potentially be used for safety screenings of water, food, and public facilities, and aid sample surveys during infectious disease outbreaks.

Say No to Smoking, Say Yes to Cigarette Smoke- Mimicking Drugs: Novel Therapy May Reduce COVID-19’s Ability to Infiltrate Cells

Why are COVID-19 cases lower amongst smokers compared to non-smokers despite many reports suggesting that smoking increases the severity of the disease? Researchers uncover several possible reasons.

New Nanoparticles Suppress Resistance to Cancer Immunotherapy

A lipid nanoparticle has been specially designed to deliver immune-signalling molecules into liver macrophage cells to overcome resistance to anti-tumour immunotherapy.

What Do Humans, Mice, and Worms Have in Common? “Walking” Patterns, According to Artificial Intelligence Study

A deep learning algorithm that can find features of movement disorders across various species is expected to improve our understanding of Parkinson’s Disease.

Obesity and High-Fat Diets Can Cause Hair Thinning and Loss

Researchers have discovered how stem cell-centric converging mechanisms caused by obesity can accelerate hair thinning, bringing new insights to tackle obesity complications and prevent hair loss.

Clean With Green: New Eco-Friendly Way to Fight Water Pollution With Algae

A water purification technology using pollutant-consuming alga shows the world a green way out of the water crisis.

Pulling Carbon Dioxide from the Atmosphere, Turning it to Useful Chemicals

Researchers in Japan have proposed a simple, energy-efficient method to convert carbon dioxide into metalorganic frameworks, reducing greenhouse gases and global warming.

Where Did We Come From? Answering the Century-Old Question on the Origins of Life

The mysteries of life may not be hidden in an undiscovered fossil, but a tiny, self-replicating globule called a coacervate droplet.

New Protective Fabric Deactivates the Novel Coronavirus and Toxic Biochemical Threats

This rare and versatile composite fabric is reusable and restorable, making it a promising material to be used in face masks and other protective clothing.

Seeing Through the Skin: New Imaging Technique to Study Melanin

Researchers have developed a new way to image whole organisms in 3D, bringing key skin colour pigments into focus at cellular resolution.

Alzheimer’s Breakthrough: Anti-Cancer Drug Reverses Symptoms in Mice

Axitinib, a chemotherapy drug that inhibits the growth of blood vessels, can improve cognition, memory, and behaviour in mice showing signs of Alzheimer’s disease.

Cheap, Efficient, and Scalable Manganese Catalyst Makes Its Mark in Drug Manufacturing

Manganese is superior to silver and cerium at catalysing pharma building blocks for drug design and manufacture.

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