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Vol 22, No 02, February 2018
National Science and Technology Prizes

The prizes were set up to honour distinguished scientists and institutions who have made remarkable contributions to the scientific and technological progress, and to promote the development of science and technology.

Virologist Hou Yunde won the State Preeminent Science and Technology Award

Hou pioneered China's molecular virus research and created the first genetically engineered drugs in China.

Highlights from the State Natural Science Award
Highlights from the State Technological Invention Award
Breakthrough: Chinese researchers cloned monkeys using Dolly's cloning method
Chinese GM rice approved by U.S. FDA

Huahui No. 1, an insect-resistant rice, was developed by Huazhong Agricultural University and has been seeking overseas safety evaluations for many years, for export purposes.

Chinese Government supports TCM innovations

China plans to build more TCM labs and research centers to further promote TCM in the country

First bio-safety level four lab put into operation in Wuhan

Lab to conduct research in anti-virus drugs and vaccines.

New way to develop flu vaccines

Scientists used genomics to engineer new influenza virus, which can induce strong immune responses in animals. Plans to test the vaccine in animals before moving on to human clinical trials.

New genome research project in China

The world's largest human genome research project of 100,000 people was launched by China to document their genetic makeup for a study that aims to help generate the precision medicines of the future.

Chinese scientists enhance e-skin sensory capability

Scientists have developed an intelligent prosthesis to sense multiple stimuli for e-skin systems.

Gene technology start-up offers genetic testing to trace ancestry

Service to help people find out where their ancestors came from, and could also help enhance peoples' Chinese identity.

Genetic basis for biological motion perception and linkage to autistic traits

Sensitivity to biological motion (BM) signals are essential to our survival and social interaction. However in people with genetic conditions like Autism, their visual BM processing are compromised, which contributes to their social deficits.

Novel drug efflux pump in gram-positive bacteria

In gram-negative bacteria like E.coli, a drug efflux pump has been found to be involved in transporting antibiotics from inside the cell to the endometrium, periplasm and outer membrane. Similar mechanism for gram-positive bacteria is explored here.

China FDA approves new once-weekly Bydureon to improve glycemic control in patients with Type-2 Diabetes

Bydureon is the first and only approved glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor agonist in China to be administered once-weekly

Illumina and KingMed Diagnostics partner to develop next-generation sequencing technology for Chinese FDA approval

Companies target review aimed at molecular oncology and hereditary diseases

Varian and Ping An sign MoU to expand access to high quality cancer care in China

The two companies will investigate using AI, big data technology and cloud computer to create a comprehensive tool to help healthcare professionals increase the effectiveness of treatment methods such as surgery and chemotherapy.

Eisai completes construction of oral solid dose production facility at new Suzhou plant in China

The new Suzhou plant will be more than five times larger and capable of producing double the tablets and packaging than the current Suzhou Plant (OSD production facility).

Ping An Technology sets world records in international medical imaging evaluation

Sets world records for nodule detection and false positive reduction with average sensitivity rates of 95.1 percent and 96.8 percent respectively in LUNA rankings.

Marken opens new kit building facility in Shanghai

New location combines kit building and clinical logistics to support China growth

ASLAN Pharmaceuticals announces shortened timeline to commercialisation for varlitinib in China

Commercialisation of varlitinib in China, if approved, is expected to start one year earlier than previously anticipated following recent discussions with the CFDA regarding its planned clinical development strategy for varlitinib in biliary tract cancer.

ASLAN Pharmaceuticals appoints Stephen Doyle as head of China

In his new role, Mr Doyle will oversee ASLAN's operations and pipeline development in China.

HKUST Scientists reveal how human brains keep balance

Scientists have discovered how human brains turn on and off neuronal activities, which helps to understand neurologic conditions like epilepsy and Parkinson's disease.

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