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Vol 23, No. 10, October 2019
50 young scientists awarded with the inaugural XPLORER PRIZE

On 20th September 2019, a list of 50 young researchers was announced to have won a non-governmental award to encourage them in their work in science and technology.

Chinese scientist find new possibilities in dengue virus control

Researchers from Tsinghua University, the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, and the University of Connecticut found human blood serum iron helps to control dengue virus infection.

Optimizing microbial microenvironment for development of novel Biophotovoltaics System

Team from Institute of Microbiology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences report a novel biophotovoltaics (BPV) system developed based on a synthetic microbial consortium with constrained electron flow.

Novel drug for chronic pain relief enter clinical trials

A new Chinese drug to alleviate patients' neuropathic pain, or nerve pain, has entered clinical trials, according to the Ministry of Science and Technology on 17th September 2019.

China taps into artificial intelligence to improve pharmacy services

An intelligent robot has been developed to assist professional pharmacists to provide pharmacy and medication services and ensure safe drug use for the public

Patient in China who received world's first pig cornea regains eyesight

Huang Yuanzhen, the world's first person to receive a cornea transplant from a pig, has seen her eyesight return to nearly normal level, reported Wuhan-based Chutian Metropolitan Daily.

China sees its first childbirth through cryopreservation of ovarian tissue

China's first baby has been born using a technique in which a woman's ovarian tissue was frozen and then transplanted back to the body at Shanghai Changzheng Hospital.

China toughens crackdown on illegal African swine fever vaccines

China has stepped up its crackdown on the illegal production, selling and use of "test, home-made and smuggled" vaccines for African swine fever, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA) on 2nd September 2019.

news Joining Forces to Elevate Asia's Healthcare Industry
news 4th Global Feed Summit draws Feed Producers, Technology Providers, Raw Materials Suppliers to Bangkok for Key Discussions
news 2nd China Pharma Digital Innovation Summit to be held in Shanghai
news 2nd China Healthcare Digital Innovation Summit to be held in Shanghai

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