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Vol 25, No. 06, June 2021
Generic Drugs a good alternative for Brand-Name Hypertension Medication

For hypertension, generic drugs could be as good an option as brand-name drugs while costing only half as much, study suggests.

Artificial Muscle Inspired by Muscle Fibre

Research group from Shanghai Jiao Tao University reported a class of multiple-mode pneumatic artificial muscles, called MAIPAMs, that are capable of multiple-mode actuations, like muscular hydrostats.

New Method Boosts Syngas Generation from Biopolyols

Group from the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences proposed a new method to realize photocatalytic conversion of biopolyols to syngas at room temperature with high efficiency

Drug Delivery into the Brain with Small Apoptotic Bodies

Scientists from Nanjing University and University of Macau have discovered nano-scaled apoptotic bodies (ABs) as a new brain-targeting drug carrier, bringing new promise for the Parkinson's Disease as well as other brain diseases.

Improving Crop Production with Novel Matrix-Based Slow-Release Urea

Research team from the Institute of Intelligent Machines of the Hefei Institutes of Physical Science developed a novel matrix-based slow-release urea (MSU) recently to improve nitrogen use efficiency in rice production, and they assessed the performances of it.

Improving Spinal Anaesthesia During Caesarean Section

New study evaluating drugs to counteract the hypotensive effects of spinal anaesthesia during caesarean deliveries finds that one can even benefit the baby.

New Antibody Designed for Better Tumour Inhibition

Researchers from High Magnetic Field Laboratory of the Hefei Institutes of Physical Science (HFIPS), in a collaboration with a lab from the Institute of Biophysics, reported the structural basis of a new antibody and its ability to inhibit CD146-mediated endothelial cells (EC).

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