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Vol 25, No. 11, November 2021
How High Blood Cholesterol Can Promote Cancer Stemness

Oxidised bad cholesterol has been found to activate a series of pathways involved in promoting cancer stemness in non-steroid-targeted cancers like urinary bladder cancer.

New Treatment, New Hope: “Biological Missile” Targets Malignant Tumours

The novel nanobody-drug conjugate displays potent anti-cancer activity in solid tumours and is expected to help treat therapy-resistant tumours.

New Strategy to Treat Acute Myeloid Leukaemia: Targeting Chaperone Proteins

The new inhibitor can effectively inhibit the overgrowth of leukaemia cells and shows potential to help overcome drug resistance.

Loading Drugs into Exosomes Without Compromising Integrity

Researchers from the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology have developed a nanofluidic device that can prepare exosome-based drug delivery vehicles with greater efficiency while maintaining exosome integrity.

Illuminating the Mechanism of Nucleolar RNA

In a bid to further understand ribosomal siRNA in gene silencing, scientists looked into C. elegans and unveiled the nucleolar RNA interference mechanism, granting us greater insight into the biological roles of these small regulatory RNAs.

Sorting Liquids With a New Leaf-Inspired Surface

A new synthetic surface inspired by the Araucaria leaf can direct different liquids to flow in different directions, potentially leading to further applications in microfluidics and water desalination.

Making Would-Healing Band-Aids in One Step

A simple, eco-friendly way to synthesise a biomaterial with the potential to promote wound healing.

Restoring Polluted Soils With Cadmium-Resistant Microbe

The identification of a cadmium-resistant microorganism with the potential to promote plant growth, thereby improving phytoremediation efforts.

Designing Microstructures From Desert Beetles to Treat Oily Wastewater

A new magnetic demulsifier inspired by the Stenocara desert beetle can separate oil from water with higher efficiency and lower energy consumption.

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