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KKH Launches Women’s Health Guide to Commemorate International Women’s Day

A life-course approach to transform national health.

To commemorate International Women’s Day, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH) is launching a health guide to address the unique needs of women across all life stages, to improve their health and well-being.

The guide, “Women In all Stages Empowered (WISE)”, adopts a life-course approach and identifies the best opportunities to prevent and detect diseases early at key stages of a female’s life from 18 years old.

Associate Professor Lim Geok Hoon, Head and Senior Consultant, KK Breast Department, KKH, leading the Workgroup that developed the WISE Health Guide said, “Women go through different stages in her life. As she navigates through the stages, she may be posed with different considerations, from optimising health when one is younger to building a family and menopause in the golden years. The guide aims to empower women with practical advice to address these considerations, and support them in taking charge of their health to age gracefully and healthily.

“It is about taking charge when one is young, and building a strong foundation for the later years, and for future generations. A healthy young woman will turn into a healthy mother, and have a healthy baby. The baby will grow up to be a healthy adult and becomes a healthy mother herself, and the virtuous cycle continues.”

This life-course approach is synonymous with the model of care adopted by KKH and SingHealth Duke-NUS Maternal and Child Health Research Institute (MCHRI)1, to transform maternal and child health for future generations.


Transforming National Health by Enhancing Women’s Health

The highlights of the WISE Health Guide include:

Associate Professor Lim said, “In this information-rich world, our patients tell us that they havechallenges accessing relevant and reliable health information that is easy to understand. We have developed the WISE guide to address this need. After all, a Healthier SG starts with every woman, and KKH is committed to helping women in Singapore build healthier lives.”

The work group behind this reader-friendly guide comprises doctors and allied health professionals across various disciplines and departments in KKH.

The WISE Health Guide can be found at www.kkh.com.sg/WISE. Information on how to access the guide will also be made available throughout KKH, SingHealth Polyclinics as well as community partners in the coming months. [APBN]

Source: KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital