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ECV2019 China Healthcare and Pharma Digital Innovation Summit Held Successfully in Shanghai — The "Highway" Era of Healthcare Digital Transformation
ECV2019 China Healthcare and Pharma Digital Innovation
ECV2019 China Healthcare and Pharma Digital Innovation The 2019 China Healthcare and Pharma Digital Innovation Summit, organized by ECV International, was held from the 17th to 18th of October 2019 in Shanghai. The theme of the summit was "Healthcare Digital Innovation". Medical industry giants, such as Fosun Pharma, Takeda Pharmaceutical, Novartis, Roche Diagnostics, Slikon, attended the forum and shared the exploration of digital innovation in healthcare.

The 2-day summit comprised of discussions which promote medical innovation around artificial intelligence, digitally reshaping the mindset of pharmaceutical companies, and driving the digital innovation of its business process. Some other core topics were on innovation and management of the pharmaceutical industry from patient flow. Altogether, there were 19 keynote speeches, and 1 Round table discussion. More than 20 companies in the world's top 500 pharmaceutical and healthcare companies which are at the forefront of digital transformation, shared the latest digital transformation ideas, digital marketing path, and the latest marketing practices.

ECV2019 Guest Speakers
ECV2019 Guest Speakers

Strategy and Implementation of Digital plant

Representative of Roche Diagnostics Business Support mentioned that, the pharmaceutical production sector is relatively lagging behind in the entire digital market. The digital reference model of international reference companies lacks hands-on experience with complete value chains and processes for pharmaceutical production. It is still an open topic on how to operate it. The electronic command is not only an electronic signage for production performance, but also a technological driving force for lean production in digital engineering.

ECV2019 Guest Speakers

Digital marketing solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

Tencent Health Industry Marketing Planning Director proposed that the co-construction of healthy content not only helps the public to provide more valuable news content for the media, but also helps the pharmaceutical companies to better understand the unique value of the brand or the correct use of the product. Consumers can get more information about disease prevention or treatment. In the present era, the use of data can improve communication efficiency, medical education content can be used to raise health awareness, and interactive innovation can be used to enhance the transformation of diverse scenarios to achieve true digital healthcare marketing.

Intelligent multi-channel marketing in the era of big data

China CRM Strategy Manager of Veeva stated that Veeva provides the entire process for pharmaceutical industry related services, from research and development to sales and drug monitoring. Using the SaaS platform will not only bring more efficient work, but also be a must in the face of digital transformation. Although the medical industry has high barriers of industry and not changing rapidly than other industries in terms of digital transformation, stubborn markets has begun to be cleaned up at the trend of the times.

ECV2019 Guest Speakers

In the forum discussion, Ai Kaikai Consulting Partner, Merck East Business Innovation Leader, AstraZeneca Digital and Business Innovation Department Head of Big Data and AI Technology Team, GlaxoSmithKline Data Management Leader, and the executive director of Shanghai Junshi Biomedicine discussed and shared on how to drive the digital innovation of the pharmaceutical company's entire process.

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